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    Introducing our Unique Tumbler Snack Bowls 

    Stylish, fun and convenient, these bowls will transform the way you snack and enable you to travel anywhere without worrying about getting ‘hangry’!  They’re so versatile, you can easily include both healthy and indulgent snacks. You can chow down on your favourite snacks anywhere with these bowls.

    Made from BPA-free materials, they’re both beautifully designed and are highly practical. BPA-free materials are believed to be better for your health and are much safer, along with better for the environment. 

    Compact and easy to carry, these bowls are brilliant for picnics, road trips and much more. 

    Whether you love snacking on fruit, nuts or vegetables, this accessory has got you covered. Available in various colours, it has multiple compartments for organising your snacks. 

    These tumbler bowls are designed to carry snacks without the need for separate containers. 

    This is not only convenient, it will prevent flavours from being intermingled. Not only that, it can eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags, which is much better for the environment.