Keeping busy in isolation

With the world now practicing social distancing and self isolation, we want to help make staying at home just as fun as going out! Here are fifteen ways to keep boredom at bay…

1. Learn a new skill - Bought an instrument but never had time to play? Always wanted to learn a new language? Been trying and failing to get into yoga? Now is your chance!

2. It’s okay to be lazy - Having said that, if you don’t do any of those things that is also okay! Now is not the time to put huge pressure on yourself and it is completely okay to be lazy and just take this time to relax and recharge. Try not to compare how you’re spending isolation to people you see online.

3. Netflix - If there has ever been a time to binge watch TV shows, it is now. Some of our faves include You, Stranger, The Good Place, Sex Education, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, Gossip Girl, The Crown, Cheer, The Sinner…the list is honestly endless. Oh, and did we mention all 10 seasons of Friends are on there?!


4. Netflix Party - Netflix Party is a game changer. You can now watch your fave shows while chatting to your friends - what could be better?!

5. Movie series - Nothing will pass the time quicker than attempting to watch the whole of the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings in order. We should also mention that Disney+ has just launched, quite frankly the best timing ever.

6. Reading - Even if you’re not typically a reader, you have no excuse now. All the time you are saving on your commute to work is the perfect time to start a new book with a cup of tea. Amazon’s list of 100 books to read in a lifetime should keep you busy. If you just can’t get into reading, try Audible.

7. Baking - Indulge your sweet tooth and have a go at making your own Bake Off masterpiece to make Mary Berry proud (we’re still sad she’s left the show).


8. Tidy/organise - Dedicate your new found time to organising your wardrobe, tidying your room or sorting out the kitchen cupboards…the list is endless! It’s quite satisfying once you get started and you’ll rediscover things you completely forgot you own.

9. Music/podcasts - While you’re organising the room make sure you put on a carefully chosen uplifting playlist or a podcast. Some of our personal faves include The High Low, Sh**ged Married Annoyed and Happy Place by Fearne Cotton.

10. Fresh air - At the time of writing this, in the UK we are allowed outside once a day to exercise. Make sure you use this time to enjoy the outdoors and get some much need fresh air.


11. Exercise - Whether you choose to use your time outside to go on a run, or a walk, there are also plenty of ways to keep fit in your own home. There are endless home workouts to do online. We’ve been working out with The Body Coach, Grace Beverley (check out her story highlights), and Results With Lucy who are doing a live home workout every day!

12. Games - Now is the time to crack out your old games and jigsaws to keep you entertained. If you prefer a digital game, we can’t get enough of the new Animal Crossing, and have just got out our old version of The Sims.

13. Dance - It’s so important to keep moving so why not make it fun! Stick on your fave playlist and just dance around in your bedroom like no one is watching!

14. Catch up with friends (virtually) - If you’ve haven’t downloaded the app Houseparty yet, you are seriously missing out. Make sure you check up on any friends who might be struggling right now and need your support.

15. Volunteer - If you are able, the NHS are looking for people to help with collecting food and medicines for people who are self isolating, providing transport for people who are discharged from hospital and having a chat on the phone with people who might be at risk of loneliness.

Follow this link to find out more and to sign up.