It's time for another blogger interview gals!

With a seriously amazing YouTube channel, gorgeous Insta and just the loveliest gal EVER, you can imagine how excited we were to interview Becky from Talk Becky Talk...


1. What can we expect to see from Talk Becky Talk in the future?

I'd love to move more and more into lifestyle and audience led content. I've always loved creating content that is relatable, so over the next year I'm going to move more towards that. I've started a few new series and over the next year I've got some exciting things planned with those. I love chatting, so perhaps going into chat shows would be a bit of a dream. I've got a few things to tick off my list over the next few years too, definitely related to tea and books.


2. What is the first thing you consider when working with a brand?

The first thing is do I like them. It's really important that I like who they are, the products and the brand. Even if I've never heard of them, I take a lot of time researching them and trying out their products. A really interesting thing I think is just how many brands and opportunities we actually turn down. Sponsorships are much more excepted now, and I think it's really important for people to know that we really think a lot about who we work with, and there are times when we say no because it doesn't fit. That's the part our audience never sees.


3. Who or what would be your dream brand to work with?

I would LOVE to bring out my own tea or do something with a tea brand. I'm hoping 2018 might be the year for me and tea! Watch this space


4. With such a loyal fan base, do you ever feel the pressure of being a positive role model?

Totally. I felt that pressure a few years ago when I had just started doing it full time and I went through a number of personal issues with losing family. I felt the pressure to have good days and to be a positive outlet on days that I wasn't feeling so great. I found that opening up about the struggles I have, was actually really positive. It took the pressure off, and I actually felt much closer to my audience. I also think it's really important online creators think about the messages they are spreading, and the importance of thinking about the things we release online.


5. How do you cope with online hate and what advice would you give to others?

I still find it quite hard dealing with hate and trolls. It's easy to say don't think about it or let it get to you, but I've never been very good at that. It's hard not to be affected. Instead I try to focus on all of the good. I love Twitter for that, it allows me to have really lovely chats and conversations with people on the days where I'm not feeling so confident. I think if you surround yourself with positive people, it helps you get through the negative comments and online hate! We try to laugh it off and have a gin and tonic!


6. Are there any Youtubers you would love to collaborate with?

I'd love to do more collabs I haven't done one in ages! I think I'd love to do something in a few of my #TeaDiaries series, perhaps something around confidence, so watch this space!


7. We're loving your #TeaDiaries series - what made you decide to create this style of video?

I wanted to do something that connected on a really personal level with the people who watch my videos. I love beauty and lifestyle videos but I also love having really honest chats and they are some of the most engaging videos because everyone joins in the chat as if we were all sat together in a tea shop. I love that, and I really love the community it's created and the topics we are able to talk about. I think it's really important to use our online platforms to bring women, and men together!


8. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

To focus on being the best 'you'. The moment you become confident in your own skin is the moment everything around you starts to fall into place. Your love life, work, friends.....it's taken me a long time but as I'm approaching 30 I'm finally pretty comfortable in knowing who I am. This is one of the reasons I started the #TeaDiaries series, it was about being who you are and helping people to find that.


9. How do you feel about the way in which Youtubers and Vloggers are portrayed by the media?

I think it's slowly starting to get a little better. I think traditional media has had to learn to accept Youtubers and how people are consuming - I know because I used to be one of those when I worked at the BBC! It's been great to see it being accepted and valued as a job, and to see it getting the recognition it deserves. I think there will always be some media outlets that don't like us but that's life!


10. Current fave CL products?

The marble laptop covers and sleeves, I have the pink range and have the phone cover to match. I'm all about tech!