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    Ever wanted your phone case AND charger to match? Well thanks to us, you can do just that! Introducing - our super cute range of Wireless Chargers. Move over ugly charging cables, it’s time to keep your phone full of juice whilst looking JUICY at the same time! Unlike with regular chargers, Wireless Chargers allow multiple device charging enabling seamless charging between all your devices minus the annoying cord. So, whether you’re an iPhone Lover, a Sassy Samsung queen or a gorgeous Galaxy Gal, we’ve got a Wireless Charger to suit you! 

    All our Wireless Phone Chargers are slim, light and portable. Huns, it’s time to upgrade your home and office space! Simply place our wireless charger pad on your beside table and pair with your phone to complete all of your matching (and charging) dreams! Now who wouldn’t want a wireless charging station on demand to match with your fave Coconut Lane Phone Case? 

    Our Wireless Chargers come in a range of designs to suit all our huns. All about subtle and chic designs? You’ll love our Monochrome Spots, Ivory Tort, Nude Cow and Dalmatian prints. Looking for something a little more wild? We gotcha! Upgrade your leopard print game and try out our Sage Leopard or Khaki Leopard prints. OBSESSED with groovy (aren’t we all?), try out our Brown Swirls, 70s Swirl, Mermaid Groove or Into the Groove prints. With so many more prints to choose from, you’re truly spoilt for choice.

    What better way to become a coordinating queen than by adding our Wireless Charger to your fave Coconut Lane collections? All our Wireless Chargers will pair effortlessly with the rest of our Coconut Lane accessories to complete all of your matching dreams. So, if you’re on the lookout for a high quality, stylish and affordable wireless charging station for your iPhone or Samsung, rest assured, we got you huns!