Happy #LoveYourPetDay!

20th February marks the annual Love Your Pet Day and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the cutest day of the year than by sharing our favourite fluffy companions with you.

From an adventure hedgehog to a Wonderpig living her best life, here are our favourite pets of Instagram to make your Hump Day a little more bearable.

Ginny and Griffindor

Ginny and Griffindor

First up, is Ginny and Griffindor, the adorable Corgi companions. Ginny loves teaching her little brother the ropes and this tiny duo make the cutest office pets - the perfect solution for eliminating work stress.

11/10 would give belly rubs

Esther the Wonderpig


Have you gals seen a happier pig?

When Esther’s owners welcomed her into their home, believing her to be a micro pig, she soon took up as much space in their home as she did in their hearts. Determined not to be parted with their beloved pig, the family moved to a farm, big enough to suit them and Esther.

Head to her Instagram to see Esther living her best life.

12/10 would invite into my home

Suki the Adventure Cat

More a tiger than a kitten, Suki is one adventurous feline. She is fearless, mischievous and a little on the wild side (a bit like us Gals at Coconut Lane HQ). Favourite days out include roaming forests, exploring the Swiss countryside and hitching a ride in her Dad’s bag.

11/10 would explore the world with

Mr Pokee the Hedgehog

Mr Pokee

From an adventure kitty to an adventure hedgehog, meet Mr Pokee. A sucker for belly rubs, cosy socks and love, Mr Pokee is the perfect companion. Not to mention he has the best smile and fashion sense, and is killing it on social media.

13/10 would never say no to that smile

Oscar and Bob

These snow loving brothers from beautiful Norway love nothing better than finding a cosy spot in their cabin. For endless amusing expressions and beautiful scenery, give this account a follow.

10/10 would move to Norway for

Colin the Bunny

Colin the Bunny

Last but not least, we have Colin - the adorable, cuddly four year old bunny. Bringing us a little joy every day, Colin is our guilty pleasure and he makes every Monday morning a little brighter. No doubt the most handsome bunny on Instagram.

12/10 would feed carrots

At Coconut Lane, we believe loving animals means loving ALL animals, not just those we share our homes with. Head over to our Instagram story for a little #LoveYourPetDay treat!